Devops & Maintenance

Focus on building your product, we and our partners prepare, scale and monitor its infrastructure

Get your services running

Whether it's hosting your first service or migrating a fleet of them into a new place we can help you review your options based on your context and then do the migration, step by step, with you.


Code bases can get dusty over time, so do infrastructure. Our team of experience software and infrastructure engineers will work with your team to get things shiny and roaring again.


Our team and partners will work together with your team to audit both code and infrastructure for security issues. We will train your team to use good practices and tooling to limit future risks and stay on top of issues.

Training your team to be independent

We know the best way for a team to gain confidence and grow is by actually becoming independent. While in the first stages of your product and company it makes sense to rely on external talent to get started we will help you outgrow the need to rely on us by training your team.

Our senior engineers will lead workshops and pair with your engineers until we all feel confident you can do it on your own. But don't worry, we will always be happy to get back on a call and help you go through issues or go to the next step.

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